Teacher and Tutor. What's the difference?

It's debatable but below are a few opinions.

A teacher is a trained professional who is accountable to a higher academic standard such as a school, university or government agency.
A tutor can be anyone employed to provide assistance.


What do you think?

A teacher has a much wider set of duties and responsibilities than a tutor.A teacher has the responsibility of providing instruction and guidance in a set of standards that have been created by some sort of governing body such as the legislature or board of education (for public schools) or a board of directors (for private schools).More importantly: Teachers assess and evaluate students through various assignments and examinations which are used to give grades that in theory allow students to either advance or be remediated.Tutors provide assistance to some individual that hires them for assistance in some subject the student is struggling in.  While they might make observations and suggestions about a student, their thoughts about a student have no more meaning than the student chooses to give them.To some extent, the tutor exists to serve the wishes of the student whatever those may be.  The teacher must balance the responsibilities of both serving the student while also maintaining the integrity of the instructional standard set by the school/district/state...through honest evaluation of the student.

~Teacher (Physics, Chemistry, Math); Tutor

My understanding is that the teacher is always thought in the area that he is teaching even though the word teacher can be applied to anyone that teaches. On the other hand a tutor is someone who has not taken a formal job or teaching position because teaching is not their profession. Also a tutor is only teaching for a limited period of time and they can be an ordinary person without any expertise. You can't ask a tutor difficult questions or question that are not closely related to the concept at hand. But you can ask a physics teacher about things going on in the middle of the galaxy while the topic could be particles.


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