How do I get started?

  1. Fill out the teacher registration form.
  2. Receive an email confirmation from us.
  3. Login and update your calendar availability.
  4. Wait for an email confirming a scheduled booking.
    - Bookings scheduled within 48 hours must be accepted or declined within 4 hours.
    Bookings scheduled over 48 hours must be accepted or declined within 24 hours.
  5. Contact the client to setup where to meet and discuss any additional logistics you feel necessary.

Update the teacher calendar availabiity

How can I improve my chances of being booked?

  1. List more grade levels and subjects you are comfortable teaching.
  2. Consider expanding the areas where you are available to teach.
  3. Add more calendar availability.

How much am I paid?

My Credentialed Teacher pays teachers 70% of the tuition fees with the remaining percentage applied to our companies operating expenses.

Payment per session varies based on the services provided. Fees range from $70 per hour for elementary age students to $110 per hour for AP/IB/SAT/ACT instruction.

Grade/SubjectTuition per HourTeacher's Hourly Take Home
Elementary/All Subjects$70$49
Middle/All Subjects$80$56
High/All Basic Subjects$90$63
High/AP and IB$110$77
High/SAT and ACT$110$77
College Application Assistance$110$77

How soon do I get paid?

Payment is sent to your checking account 3-5 days after the session. Please contact us if your payment has not arrived within 7 days.

We take your privacy professionally and seriously.

My Credentialed Teacher respects your privacy and does not use your information to promote our tutoring services. We respect the experience and qualifications of all our teachers and are focused on promoting our community of teachers as a whole.

You may be asked to write 3-4 sentences about yourself for the "Get to Know Your Teacher" email that is sent to parents after you've confirmed the booking.

To keep you anonymous on our website, you will be listed as your English honorific, first name and last initial.


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How soon will I know if I need to teach a student?

Clients need to book a session 96 hours (4 days) prior to a session. If your schedule is more flexible, you can change these settings on your individual calendar to allow parents to book you with shorter notice.

Someone booked a session with me, what do I do next?

Congratulations. The next step is for you to contact the client and determine where exactly the session is to be facilitated. We recommended making contact within 4 hours of an appointment booking confirmation. The client will also have your contact information.

I appreciate privacy and rather not give out my personal contact information.

We can provide you with a company email address.

We also recommend signing up for a free Google Voice phone number which will forward calls to your personal phone without providing the caller your personal phone number.

Where do I teach the student?

We do not allow teachers to facilitate sessions at their own residences.

We recommend the student's home because it is familiar and convenient so long as it is without distractions. Other venues include coffee shops, libraries, parent's office, and the teacher's classroom. 

SF Coffee Shop Map


Is the cost or time spent during travel reimbursed?

The cost for travel is the responsibility of the teacher.

What happens if the student cancels?

You will be paid 50% of your rate if cancellation is within a 36-24 hour window. You will be paid 100% of your rate if cancellation is within a 24-0 hour window.

I’ve gone to the specified location at the specified time and the student is nowhere to be found. 

     How long must I wait?

It is important that you document the student's tardiness by calling, texting, and/or emailing after 10 then 20 minutes. The policy is that teachers will wait for a maximum of 30 minutes. Be sure to contact the parent before leaving after 30 minutes. Also, contact us about the no-show via the contact form.

     Will I be compensated for my time?

Yes, you will be paid the full amount for the time designated for the session. If you and the client agree to extend the session to make up for lost time, notify us so we can properly bill the client.

What do I do if I no longer want to teach a student?

If for any reason you'd prefer not to continue teaching a specific student, please contact us so we can find a new teacher for the student.


Booking/Payment | Logistics | Lesson/Curriculum | Reporting

Lesson Plan/Curriculum

Am I required to create a personalized lesson plan for the student?

Yes. The client will be relying on your expertise to properly guide their child to achieve their academic expectations and goals. 

While this may include only homework help, be prepared to uncover areas of needed improvement for review at future sessions.

Include any findings, your plans, and any academic goals for the student in the "End of the Session Summary" email sent to the parent and cc'ed to 

Do you have a specific curriculum to assign to students?

No. But, students can take a computerized academic diagnostic from Curriculum Associates, The diagnostic will recommend a personalized student lesson plan using the CA workbooks. Learn more. If you'd like to use the suggested curriculum, let us know and after we confirm with the parent, we can order it.

Can I ask parents to reimburse curriculum purchased specifically for their child?

Yes. Talk with the parent prior to purchasing any materials and confirm the parent will reimburse you. Reimbursements will be paid directly to you by the parent. Be sure to provide them with a receipt or proof of purchase.


Booking/Payment | Logistics | Lesson/Curriculum | Reporting


Do I need to submit any information about each tutoring session?

Yes, at the end of the session you will be required to complete a brief form which we will use to summarize the session for parents. Your earnings will be released once the end of a session form is submitted.

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